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My biggest literary influence is Philip K. Dick, though my writing style tends more toward Neil Gaiman. I indulge in a bit of genre hopping, but my specialty is a subversive brand of surreal science fantasy known as “dreampunk”.

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.”
“What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?”
“The answer is dreams. Dreaming on and on. Entering the world of dreams and never coming out. Living in dreams for the rest of time.”

Adelaide in Ozghard

cover: Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 1

Somewhere… down the rabbit hole, over the rainbow, and straight on till morning… there is a world beyond the one we know. It is a small island of life, an insulated bubble in a vast, frozen desert. These “Lasting Lands” are home to diminutive gnomes, gargantuan trolls, spellbinding elves, and a secretive family of goblins pulling all the strings. And living among them is an underclass of “Shadows” who look a lot like us.

Adelaide Batiste is a girl with two souls. Her other self—her secret self—is a restless spirit named Ada. Together, the pair make their way across the lightbridge to Ozghard, where a dangerous chain of events is set into motion. Between two worlds, the girls uncover the truth of their past, which leaves them tumbling headlong into an uncertain future.

This story is a loose retelling of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but heavily influenced by Norse mythology.

cover: Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 2

In Book 2, Adelaide has left “the Lasting Lands” and crossed back over the lightbridge to Earth, but it’s not quite the Earth she remembers. Meanwhile, revolution is brewing in Ozghard, and it may fall on her and Ada to put things right before it’s too late.

This continuation blends elements of The Emerald City of Oz, Through the Looking-Glass, and the Cthulhu Mythos into a mind-bending tale reminiscent of Philip K. Dick.

Comparable to: Length: 77,900 words, 312 pages
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cover: Discord

Before Adelaide crossed the bridge to Ozghard, King Nemban of Yomba Country makes a journey west to see his wife Zendalda, the Gowee Empress, and their son Roqash, who is to become the legendary Gnome King. This tale sheds a bit of light (just a bit) on the origin and purpose of the mysterious silver boots.

Length: 4,700 words, 19 pages

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cover: Distance

With her husband gone, her daughter missing, and her mother on the way out, Sylvia Batiste struggles to make sense of it all. This story follows Adelaide’s mother as she passes the years back on Earth.

Length: 3,500 words, 14 pages

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cover: Dominion

Before Vanon became known as the Mountain King in the southern Highlands of Gowee Country, he was a student of the infamous Widow Queen. Here he applies her arcane lessons to subdue his rival, the ogre Ghilmir, only to find a greater threat lurking in the Wildwood and beyond.

Length: 5,500 words, 22 pages

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Second Sight

cover: Second Sight

Lily Duchamp works for a major corporation that is gearing up to release a new product called Second Sight: a set of nanotech-powered contact lenses that provide the wearer with better than twenty-twenty vision, instant facial recognition, thermal infrared, and a slew of digital filters. It’s her job to take these revolutionary lenses home for their first extended trial.

Despite some concerns Lily has over privacy, Second Sight is released to the public and meets with great success. But when the lenses begin to reveal more than advertised, how will the world respond?

Length: 10,200 words, 41 pages
Honors: Longlisted for the Wattys (2018)

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The Undoing of Flip Foster

cover: The Undoing of Flip Foster

Flip Foster is a perpetual student. He’s already earned a doctorate in linguistics, but instead of beginning his career, he’s working on a master’s in computer science—and sinking deeper into debt.

He’s also an aspiring hacktivist working to expose the truly creepy level of personal data being collected by MeFirst, a popular online shopping app. One night, he receives a surreal visit from Lucky Ferris, the company’s founder and CEO. Flip will be granted the access he wants, provided he waits at least one week before going to the press.

Why would Lucky make such a generous deal with Flip when he could simply have him arrested? What will Flip do with his newfound abilities? How far can he go before there’s no turning back? What is real, and what is only in his head?

This story is a loose retelling of the Faust legend, in which a man frustrated by his own limitations calls upon dark forces for assistance.

Length: 10,700 words, 43 pages

Submitted for publication.

Short Stories

A Bottle of Jinn

cover: A Bottle of Jinn

Ever heard of “Damavand Persian Gin”? Neither had Penny until she found a bottle at work and decided to take it home. Once she releases the spirits from that bottle, there is no turning back. They’ll either grant her wishes or claim her soul. Or maybe both.

Length: 4,100 words, 16 pages

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cover: Amaretto

A young couple return from a week-long second honeymoon in Japan expecting to come home and pick up life right where they left off. But something strange happened while they were in the air. The world has moved on without them.

Length: 3,700 words, 15 pages

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Angel in the Cave

cover: Angel in the Cave

Angel is a boy listening to his grandfather’s story. The story is about a hunter named Angel. The hunter dreams of the boy, and the boy dreams of the hunter. There is a bridge between worlds, but any who cross must pay a heavy price.

Length: 6,200 words, 25 pages

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Sacred Geometry

cover: Sacred Geometry

A young student visits the home of a renowned professor who has made an offer to tutor the boy in mathematics. Over an unusual cup of tea, the two begin discussing geometry as planned, but conversation soon turns to the fourth dimension and evolves into a sort of guided meditation. An out-of-body experience gives the boy a terrifying new view of the world. After what he sees, there may be no going back to his old life.

Length: 2,800 words, 11 pages
Honors: Wattpad Staff Pick (October 2015)

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An Occurrence at Summerland Tavern

cover: An Occurrence at Summerland Tavern

To win a bet, Suzi Sparrow needs to go on a new blind date every single day for a month. Three weeks in, she's scraping the bottom of the barrel. She finally gives in and agrees to go out with a guy from her high school that she doesn't actually remember. After this date, she won't soon forget him.

Length: 3,000 words, 12 pages

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cover: Barefoot

Just a quick reminder that life goes by too fast and none of us is guaranteed another day. Make the most of what you've got while you've got it.

Length: 500 words, 2 pages

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Works in Progress

Two-Headed Lamb

cover: Two-Headed Lamb

Taking inspiration variously from the life of Philip K. Dick, the music of Neutral Milk Hotel, and James Joyce’s eternally indecipherable Finnegans Wake, Two-Headed Lamb takes you on a transreal journey through parallel worlds. It is a story of loss and reconstruction, empathy and automatization, magic and machinery.

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cover: Pixieland

Somewhere in the depths of space, in a city called Memphis, the most ancient myths and legends of our world play out once again, this time guided by an unseen intelligence people have come to call “the little folk.”

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Tales of Old and New

cover: Tales of Old and New

This ever-expanding collection of original folk tales spans from prehistory into the far future.

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