Visual Artwork

sketch of a clown named Pinky
Here’s a portrait of a creepy clown I found online named “Pinky.”

sketch of a Bigfoot
Here’s a little sketch of Bigfoot with a walking stick.

snow sculpture of a Bigfoot
And here he is made out of snow! I grew up near Houston, Texas, where it very rarely snows even an inch. This was basically my first real snowman.

The Empire Never Ended
This was based on my somewhat impromptu entry in El Paso’s 2014 Chalk the Block festival. It’s a portrait of my favorite author: Philip K. Dick. The line is from VALIS.

an ogre made from chili powder
This is something I started doing at restaurants while waiting for the food to come. Just shake some pepper on a plate, and get to work! I think it was my wife’s idea to keep our daughter occupied.

Django Reinhardt made from salt
Here is an attempt at a portrait of the great Django Reinhardt.

white rabbit holding a candle
I painted this for the cover of my novel Adelaide in Ozghard. This is a character named Tyrro, sort of like the White Rabbit of Wonderland… but not really.

Adelaide with a dress made of sky
And this is Adelaide, the main character of the story.

a circular maze with a two-headed lamb
This is a labyrinth I designed for the cover of my unfinished, currently-on-hold novel Two-Headed Lamb.

an ant with glowing eyes
Inspired by the PKD story “The Electric Ant” and my own novella Dreck (currently seeking a publisher), this is acrylic on cardboard with some digital manipulation.

Flower of Life with rotating colors Flower of Life with fracturing segments

Here are a couple of variations on the Flower of Life pattern.

animated Versailles labyrinth star
This is a weird little animation I put together for the Mirrormaze anthology based on the labyrinth of Versailles.

Cliff smoking a pipe
And here’s me smoking a pipe in the woods.