Visual Artwork

sketch of a clown named Pinky
Here’s a portrait of a creepy clown I found online named “Pinky.”

sketch of a Bigfoot
This is just a little sketch of Bigfoot with a walking stick. I don’t know if he actually uses the thing or if he was just posing.

snow sculpture of a Bigfoot
And here he is made out of snow! I grew up near Houston, Texas, where it very rarely snows even an inch. This was basically my first real snowman.

chalk drawing: The Empire Never Ended
This was a somewhat impromptu entry in El Paso’s 2014 Chalk the Block festival. It’s a portrait of my favorite author: Philip K. Dick. The line is from VALIS.

an ogre made from chili powder
This is something I started doing at restaurants while waiting for the food to come. Just shake some pepper on a plate, and get to work! I think it was my wife’s idea to keep our daughter occupied.

Django Reinhardt made from salt
Here is an attempt at a portrait of the great Django Reinhardt. My dad says he looks more like Gomez Addams. Oh well, that works too.

white rabbit holding a candle
I painted this for the cover of my novel Adelaide in Ozghard. It’s sort of like the White Rabbit of Wonderland… but not quite.

Adelaide in a fancy green dress
This is Adelaide, the main character of the story, all dressed up for a diplomatic summit.

a circular maze with a two-headed lamb
This is a labyrinth I designed for the cover of my upcoming, still-in-progress novel Two-Headed Lamb.

Flower of Life with rotating colors Flower of Life with fracturing segments

animated Versailles labyrinth star

Cliff smoking a pipe
Here’s me smoking a pipe for some reason.