Fiction Writing

My favorite genre to read and write is dreampunk—an ultra-weird stew of stew of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. I'm drawn toward abnormal psychology and alternative modes of communication, probably because I grew up with a severely autistic younger brother.

My biggest literary hero is Philip K. Dick. He really had a knack for asking the right questions. I'm currently seeking a literary agent to get my work published and eventually turned into movies. After that, I'd say games, comics, toys, theme parks... all that good stuff.

"I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center."
"What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?"
"Just because something bears the aspect of the inevitable one should not, therefore, go along willingly with it."

Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 1 of 2

cover: Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 1 of 2

Somewhere... down the rabbit hole, over the rainbow, and straight on till morning... there is a world beyond the one we know. It is a small island of life, an insulated bubble in a vast, frozen desert. This "Enduring Land" is home to diminutive gnomes, gargantuan trolls, spellbinding elves, and a secretive family of goblins pulling all the strings. And living among them is an underclass of "Shadows"... who look a lot like us.

Adelaide Batiste is a girl with two souls. Her other self—her secret self—is a restless spirit named Ada. Together, the pair make their way across the lightbridge to Ozghard, where a dangerous chain of events is set into motion. Between two worlds, the girls uncover​ the truth of their past, which leads them bumbling, stumbling, and tumbling headlong into an uncertain future.

This story is a loose retelling of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but heavily influenced by Norse mythology.

Similar novels include:
Length: 38,900 words, 156 pages
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East and West

cover: 'East and West'

Companion to Adelaide in Ozghard.

Before Adelaide crossed the bridge to Ozghard, King Nemban of Yomba Country makes a journey west to see his wife Zendalda, the Gowee Empress, and their son Roqash, who is to become the legendary Gnome King. This tale sheds a bit of light (just a bit) on the origin and purpose of the mysterious silver boots.

Length: 4,700 words, 19 pages

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Far and Wide

cover: 'Far and Wide'

Companion to Adelaide in Ozghard.

With her husband gone, her daughter missing, and her mother on the way out, Sylvia Batiste struggles to make sense of it all. This story follows Adelaide's mother as she passes the years back on Earth.

Length: 3,500 words, 14 pages

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Two-Headed Lamb

cover: 'Two-Headed Lamb'

This novel is a strange beast. Taking inspiration variously from the life of Philip K. Dick, the music of Neutral Milk Hotel, and James Joyce's eternally indecipherable Finnegans Wake, Two-Headed Lamb takes the reader on a mind-bending, heart-rending journey through parallel worlds. It is a story of loss and reconstruction, empathy and automatization, magic and machinery.

Work in progress.

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Angel in the Cave

cover: 'Angel in the Cave'

Angel is a boy listening to his grandfather's story. The story is about a hunter named Angel. The hunter dreams of the boy, and the boy dreams of the hunter. There is a bridge between worlds, but any who cross must pay a heavy price.

Length: 6,200 words, 25 pages

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cover: 'Pixieland'

Somewhere in the depths of space, in a city called Memphis, the most ancient myths and legends of our world play out once again, this time guided by an unseen intelligence people have come to call "the little folk."

Work in progress. This story is by no means complete, but it is so episodic in nature that a reader should be able to pick up and enjoy any given chapter in isolation.

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cover: 'Amaretto'

You are on a plane, returning from a week-long second honeymoon in Japan. You expect to come home and pick up life right where you left off, but... Something strange happened while you were in the air. The world has moved on without you.

Length: 3,700 words, 15 pages

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A Bottle of Jinn

cover: 'A Bottle of Jinn'

Gin: An alcoholic spirit distilled from grain mash and flavored with aromatic botanicals.

Jinn: An intelligent spirit capable of appearing in human or animal form and influencing humans for either good or evil.

Ever heard of "Damavand Persian Gin"? Neither had Felix until he found a bottle at work and decided to take it home. Once he releases the spirits from that bottle, there is no turning back. They'll either grant his wishes or claim his soul. Or maybe both.

Length: 3,100 words, 12 pages

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The Undoing of Flip Foster

cover: 'The Undoing of Flip Foster'

MeFirst is a social shopping app that's taking the world by storm. In exchange for somewhat liberal use of your personal information, it will send a stream of free stuff and special deals your way.

Flip Foster is a postgraduate hacktivist who wants to expose MeFirst for the monster it's become. After he makes a Faustian bargain to gain access to their vast stockpile of data, will he be able to keep his focus? Will he even keep his soul?

Length: 5,800 words, 23 pages

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Sacred Geometry

cover: 'Sacred Geometry'

A young student visits the home of a renowned professor who has made the generous offer of tutoring the boy in mathematics. Over an unusual cup of tea, the two begin discussing geometry as planned, but conversation soon turns to the fourth dimension and evolves into a sort of guided meditation. An out-of-body experience gives the boy a terrifying new view of the world. After what he sees, there may be no going back to his old life.

Length: 2,800 words, 11 pages
Honors: Wattpad Staff Pick (October 2015)

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How Terra Stole the Sun

cover: 'How Terra Stole the Sun'

"In the Old Days of Long Ago, the twin sisters Terra and Luna were nearly identical in every way. The main difference between them was that dragons lived on Terra while Luna was home to woolly beasts such as tigers, bears, and men."

This is a very short myth explaining what killed the dinosaurs, why the oceans are salty, and why wolves howl at the moon. Go on, give it a read!

Length: 500 words, 2 pages

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